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Sharing Educational Opportunities with Schools

¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou will provide schools with information about educational opportunities from community or non-profit organizations.


  • Your organization is not-for-profit.
  • The information you’re providing:
    • is related to educational opportunities
    • is appropriate for schools
    • does not duplicate services already offered by the Division.
  • You are a , if payment for goods or services is required.

How to submit your information

To distribute your information electronically, email bb@epsb.ca.

To distribute your information physically, email communications@epsb.ca.

What to include

  • Details about your organization and the information you want to distribute.
  • PDF of related posters or flyers for electronic distribution.
  • A brief description (less than 200 words) of the opportunity you’re offering.
  • Your contact information including:
    • contact person
    • telephone number
    • email address.

Distribution of information is at the sole discretion of the Division.