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Conducting Research with the Division

¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou is interested in working with researchers to conduct high-quality research that supports teaching and learning. Learn about the specific priorities, policies, and regulations that ensure consistent research practices in the Division, and the criteria that must be met to conduct research in our schools.

Submission Information and Criteria

Review our Research and Submission Criteria to learn what you must include with your research proposal submissions.

Administrative Regulations About Conducting Research

Conducting Research within the Division (IQ.AR) is the administrative regulation that guides how to conduct research and distribute surveys within the Division.

Submitting research proposals

University of Alberta Researchers

All research projects initiated by, or in collaboration with, University of Alberta researchers must be submitted to the .

Not from the University of Alberta?

Please refer to the Research and Submission Criteria.

Submit completed research proposals to:

Research Proposals
Strategic Division Supports
1 Kingsway NW
Edmonton, AB T5H 4G9

Or by email: research@epsb.ca