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Help keep all passengers safe by teaching your child the importance of following pedestrian and bus safety rules at all times.

More about learning to ride the bus

Yellow Bus Eligibility

Eligibility for yellow bus service is determined by where a student lives. Learn more about eligibility and conditional riders. 

More About Yellow Bus Eligibility

Bus passes and fees

You can buy yellow bus passes and subsidized ETS passes at your child's school throughout the year.

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Applying for bus service

Learn about how to apply for yellow bus service each school year.

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Edmonton Transit

 (ETS) is the preferred means of transportation for Division students.

More About Edmonton Transit Service (ETS)

Bus routes and stops

Learn more about yellow bus routes, safe stop locations and walk distance to the bus stop. 

More about bus routes and stops

Making changes to bus routes

Yellow bus routes may require slight changes throughout the year for new or cancelled riders.

More about making changes to routes

Meeting your child at the bus stop

You are responsible for ensuring your child’s safety in traveling to and from the stop location.

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Ride times

Minimizing ride times for students on the yellow bus is our highest priority. 

Learn more about ride times

Late and cancelled buses

Learn about what to do when the bus is late or cancelled. 

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Seat restraints

Learn more about school bus design, safety equipment and seat restraints. 

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Road Safety

Help keep our students safe by slowing down and following traffic safety laws.

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Parent-provided transportation

In some cases, parents of students in specialized programming may receive a subsidy for parent-provided transportation.

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Active Transportation

Many students choose to walk, ride or roll to school. Learn more about active transportation and safe, walkable neighbourhoods

More About Active Transportation