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Awards and Scholarships

Awards Every year, ¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou honours the exceptional performance and accomplishments of Division students. Students have the opportunity to be considered for school, Division and provincial awards, as well as community sponsored awards and scholarships.

For complete listings of opportunities, criteria, application information and deadlines, please visit the award sections below.

Division Awards

District Awards icon¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou offers several awards that recognize the achievements of Grade 12 students. The Division's highest award, the Michael A. Strembitsky Award of Excellence, recognizes students for their academic, leadership and social justice endeavours. See a complete list of awards and¬†application requirements.

Learn more about Division awards

Community Sponsored Awards

Community Sponsored Awards iconMembers of the community support our students in a variety of ways, including sponsoring awards and scholarships that recognize learning and achievement.

See a complete list of community-sponsored awards and scholarships, and application requirements


School Awards

School AwardsMany Division schools offer school-specific awards to recognize outstanding student accomplishments, contributions and achievements. These awards recognize excellence in academics, the arts, athletics, citizenship, leadership and service. Contact your teacher or school counsellor for more information about the awards offered at your school and how to apply. 

Provincial Awards

‌‌Provincial Awards iconAlberta Education offers scholarships to high school students, including the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship of up to $2,500 towards their post-secondary education. Learn more about .