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Doing Business with the Division

Vendors must be registered before doing business with ¬ť∂Ļ…Ámadou. Registered vendors can be businesses, non-profit societies or independent contractors (sole proprietors).

Being a registered vendor does not guarantee business with the Division.

Postal mail is the only approved way to solicit schools, regardless of vendor status. Learn more about solicitation of schools.

Becoming a registered vendor

The Division only registers new vendors at the request of a school or department interested in doing business with that vendor.

If you are not a registered vendor, but a school or department has contacted you to provide goods and services, please have that school or department contact Purchasing and Contract Services to start the registration process. You will be notified once you are successfully registered.

Maintaining registered vendor status

If you are already a registered vendor with the Division, it is your responsibility to keep your documents and information up to date. This can include:

  • name changes
  • mergers/acquisitions
  • address changes
  • proof of insurance 

You can update your documents and information in the Bonfire portal you used to register. If you need help, you can contact Purchasing and Contract Services at pcs.vendor.registration@epsb.ca or 780-429-8199.

If you have questions about the registered vendor process, contact pcs.vendor.registration@epsb.ca or 780-429-8199.